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Don’t be a grumpy so and so

In case our hounding you with an email every week has not informed you properly... we have a shop. Well, not every week as sometimes we get cake in the office and we would rather eat that then pluck up the botherage to write a newsletter to people who for all we know...

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Become a Yare Valley Rep

Become a Yare Valley Representative As a small British business, stuck out in the beautiful wilds of Norfolk beside The Broads we beaver away to bring you the highest quality cold pressed rapeseed oil and related products. Much of our time is taken growing the...

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Chris Who?

Only joking. Christmas. Yes Christmas. Come this time of year you can't move for adverts, talk of tasty treats and people wanting your hard earned cash. And we are no different. Except we are a self service farm shop, so we don't even have to force a smile at you...

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