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1 fresh egg yolk

1/3 a crushed clove of garlic

teaspoon of mustard – French or English

pinch of salt

squeeze of lemon

good big slug of vegetable oil – 100ml

even bigger slug of rape seed oil 150ml

1. Mix egg yolk, garlic, salt and mustard in the bowl of a mixer.

2. Start whisking this together and when it’s nice and creamy, add a trickle of oil.

3. Keep the whisk running and gently increase the flow of oil, watching as it’s absorbed into the paste that’s forming. If it looks like it’s going to split, back off the oil and let the whisk run for a moment.

4. Keep adding oil until you’ve got the consistency you like.

5. Taste – check for salt, mustard and then add a good squeeze of lemon and parsley if you’re using it, and then whisk again for a moment. I often add a little