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1 tin chickpeas, rinsed

 2 cloves garlic

Juice of 0.5 to 1 lemon (about 2 tbsp)

0.5 tbsp tahini

5 tbsp Yare Valley Rapeseed Oil

2tbsp water


1. Add everything apart from the tahini and chickpeas to a food processor and whizz until the garlic is completely broken down.

2. Add the chickpeas and tahini and blend until smooth, stopping to scrape around the bowl a few times.

3. Taste and adjust according to your own personal preference. You may need more tahini, lemon juice or water. At this stage, you want it to be slightly more acidic and taste slightly less of garlic than you’d like for the finished hummus.

4. Leave to stand for 2 days in the fridge. You could eat this right away but it is MUCH better after a couple of days – the garlic will become stronger and the lemon juice will mellow.

Enjoy!! This is great in a sandwich with chargrilled vegetables or served for lunch or a starter with strips of toasted pitta bread.

Recipe from www.thecraftylarder.co.uk