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As a small British business, stuck out in the beautiful wilds of Norfolk beside The Broads we beaver away to bring you the highest quality cold pressed rapeseed oil and related products. Much of our time is taken growing the fruitful oilseed plant from seed to bottle and making sure only the finest range makes its way to you.

So much so that we often rely on wonderful people such as yourselves recommending us to their local shop/deli, wherever it may be in this wonderful United Kingdom.

Therefore, we got our heads together and thought of how we could spread the joy of Yare Valley Oils and in return reward our lovely loyal customers. This is what we came up with:

When you are next in your favourite local shop, if it does not have any Yare Valley Products, or even the specific products of your choice, simply recommend us to said shop and let them know you would love to see our goodies in their outlet.


All you then need to do is drop us an e-mail via our form above to say

1. Where you have recommended us to (the name of the person you spoke to would help, but is not essential).

2. What your name is.

3. Your email address.


If your recommended outlet then decide that they would like to stock us we will drop you a line and send you a Limited Edition For Every Occasion Pack with a special handwritten thank you note as a big thank you for flying the Yare Valley Flag.


Let us know where you have recommended us to simply by filling in our form above.


Remember we have a wonderful array of products including Original cold pressed rapeseed oil, dressings, sauces and marinades, infusions and all natural balms.




Big waves and smiles from all of us at Yare Valley Oils.

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